Kanzlei der Kosmidis + Partner Anwaltsgesellschaft Kosmidis + Partner Anwaltsgesellschaft - Excellence In Cross Border Consulting Kosmidis + Partner Anwaltsgesellschaft - Excellence In Cross Border Consulting

KPAG – Excellence in cross-border-consulting

KPAG Kosmidis and Partners is an international and cross-border acting law firm.

Our long-term experience in cross-border transactions ensures prompt, practical and effective solutions to all subjects that our clients assign us to deal with: buying a property, inheritance issues, establishment of a company, buying a big enterprise in Greece or abroad.

We support every entrepreneurial project throughout all the different stages of its accomplishment. We can guarantee high quality services for simple but also for more complicated projects.

Immobiliensteuer GriechenlandFor a successful result of any project, it is necessary that all the involved parties can smoothly work together. In cases of a company establishment or mergers & acquisitions, it is also necessary that all the involved parties have a deep understanding of the legal system and cultural systems of the country where the business is going to be established.
“KPAG – Kosmidis & Partner” comprises of lawyers who can stand before the Greek and the German courts. They all have extensive working experience abroad.

The Legislative Department of our law firm consists of well experienced lawyers with expertise in the following fields: Commercial and Company Law, Real Estate Law, Distribution Agreements and Commercial Agency, Sales Law, Energy Law, Industrial and Intellectual Law, Inheritance Law, Debt Recovery Services. Communication with our clientele can be done in any of these three languages: Greek, English and German. Thus, there will be a direct response to any of your issues.

In the fields of the Commercial and Company Law, KPAG has a long-term experience in providing legal support to medium – sized and large German and English-speaking businesses. Our services include: support during the company formation, representation of the company in various negotiations and/or before the court, administrative support, commercial agency, and advices on tax issues and intellectual property. Apart from large German supermarkets, our clientele comprises of insurance companies, banks, medium sized industrial companies and commercial businesses.

Rechtsanwalt und Steuerberater in GriechenlandIn the area of the real estate, KPAG has a competent number of independent suppliers (lawyers, public notaries, financial advisors, engineers) throughout the country. Nowadays, KPAG offers immediate and reliable solutions to everyone who wished to acquire a property.

Additionally, we can help you with preparing contracts or negotiating with other companies. We can even help with writing complex contracts such as share purchase agreements that regard the mergers & acquisitions process.